Friday, 20 April 2012

OP Shopping - What the Hell?

Op shops are not retail stores... so what is with the retail prices
Why would you buy and item from an op shop when you can buy a brand new items for the same price or many times less than some of the op shops are charging

Op Shops are or at least traditionally have been "Opportunity Stores" created from a need for people to be able to clothe themselves and their families, years ago this was at a time when retail prices in stores where out of most people. Also the charity op shops are also outlets where clothes are provided to victims of all circumstances free...

Good local people provide clothing and other items to the organisations for this purpose, they get the items for FREE however I wonder if they realise the prices that are being placed on these items...?

Now I realise that these shops have overheads, rental, power, administration and therefore there is a need to sell items to cover these costs, to enable these charities to cover costs, but only to cover costs... this does not justify ripping people off...

So I have decided to start naming and shaming the the worst offenders as well as congratulating those that do it well... Please add your comments I will create a page especially for this purpose

So if you know of an excellent op shop sing their praises here and I will promote them, but if you know of the others that are rip off let everyone know...

This is an example of what I am talking about...

Salvation Army Online Op Shop... really?!

a bag $10 with wearig ad stains - give me a break,
shoes $25.00 condition worn (go figure) I can buy a pair brand new for that and on sale less than that, that won't be worn in odd places, summer maxi dress OMG $20 you have to be joking

St Ives Op Shop Goodna - Disgusting
 - really get real!
Summer dress size 10, tears in sem $20 - I don't think so
Jeans well worn $10 - come on $5 is the average at other op shops
Plain Black straight skirt $8 - your dreaming

Lifeline Op Shop - Goodna
Mix of Good and Bad....
They obviously have different people pricig some clothes I saw very reasonable
New summer tops $5, New cardigan wrap style tops $5 - congratulations!!
but then
a pair Doc Martins Adult mens, well worn, didn't sit flat $40 - really are we paying for brand names in a op shop - I don't think so ... not at all
but a little hunting through can find good bargins in good condition

Redbank Vinnies - 
All items found were reasonably priced
Clothes in reasonable condition with some wear $3 to $5
Clothes in excellent condition $5 upwards
They also have a fill a bag bin for $2 - GREAT FINDS to be had
$1 rack with tees, pants, dresses, fashion shirts... this is a great way to move through excess stock and gives any shopper a chance to have some nice clothing

Toowong Op Shop - Disgusting
I overheard a conversation about price matching, and how they had checked out the retail price on items, where as long as they are slightly cheaper its okay...
1. do not have those conversations in the shop
2. you store is dirty and dingy that takes at least $2 off each item
3. your staff are rude and your clothes are not priced, rather a sign is hanging on the door with a list of prices... no you can't broadly price all items, condition and style should be factored in...

I will be checking back with this op shop

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