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Product Review
"My honest opinion about products for sale online"
 The one thing I find hard about shopping online and finding all these great items is your really don't know what they are like..., you read the sales pitch or the creaters blurb but at the end of the day it's risk. Not to mention if it is not exactly what you think you have wasted postage money at times...

This gave me an idea, to share my opinion, honest and true about any of the purchases I have made or about any of the products I have tried...

 100% All Natural Mineral Make Up
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  First I have a real problem buying make up, I generally refuse to pay the great price tags attached as I find it does nothing that it reportedly says it will do, cover wrinkles, all day wear blah blah blah. The amount of money that could be spent finding that one foundation range or cosmetic range that will look good and actully stay all day annoys me. Believe me I have tried them all.. coming from a retail pharmacy back ground, I tried and failed with most cosmetic ranges within the mid range price bracket...

  So when I saw the "MADISON STREET BEAUTY" range I was to say the least skeptical...
But never the less I needed some cosmetics and so I went forth to test the waters...
What did I buy...?  (well being the skeptic I am, I only purchsed sampled pots to begin, actually being such a skeptic caused me to miss out on a great special but alas that was my own fault more about that later...)

I decided on the 3 Eyeshadow Samples for $6.99 (picture on right hand sided above top: Apricot, middle: Golden Peach bottom: California Sun) reasonable price to pay for 3 samples, and I could live with the loss if I didn't like it, I also purchases a sample of Plum Blush (pictured above bottom middle) colour and Honey Foundation (pictured above bottom left) both $4.99, and so I waited.... for delivery.... which was quicker than I thought and therefore a great surprise when it arrived YIPPEE!!!

My Total Opinion
  • Colour:-  Vibrant and true to picture and description in shop
  • Value for money:- a small amount goes a long way, each pot would last a long while
  • Application:- Easy to apply, smooth with no bits, clumps or lumps. Has a soft silky texture.
  • Wear:- Lasts at least 5 hours with a small touch up to last all day, not using a setting powder
What do they have? 
Look for their Vegan products

Eyeshadows/Eyeliner 70 Shades - Mineral Makeup, Natural Eye shadow makeup Handmade, 100% natural and vegan. This eye shadow can also be used as an eye liner wet or dry. All the shades you could want

Blush 6 Shades - Mineral Blush 100% Natural, lasted all day, Vegan Blush available and Large, Medium and Sample Jars

Foundation 31 Shades - 100% Vegan and Natural smooth and can be used as concealer. Gave a soft natural coverage. A small spreads to allow not only all day wear but a product that will last.

Setting Powder -1 - makes foundation last longer covers fine lines and evens skin tone (I have not tested yet)
Hightlighters 2 - Vegan mineral highligters for a sheer glow (I have not tested yet)

Bronzer 4 - Vegan and artisan crafed, sun kissed bronzed look ( I have not tested yet)

 What did I think?
   On first glance I thought "gee the sample really is a sample, not going to get much use out of this..." but that is a customer for you, not really paying attention to size more price... So I soildered ahead and the next morning applied my first lot of this mineral make up...

   I decided to try only the eye shadow first, leaving the blush and the foundation for another day.
Apricot was my first choice, took my applicator and dipped it into the pot and away I went, OMG the colour was fantastic, true to the colour in the pot and true to the colour shown in the Etsy shop listings. The mineral make up itself was easily applied not spits and spats, using a sponge applicator brush I applied in one motion over my eyelid, to which there as a smooth flow of colour on the lid.
This one application was more than a enough for a bold colour, for daywear, had it been night I would have applied another layer, this was exactly the same for the two other colours.

   I used the Plum blush to match one of my work outfits, admittedly I applied to much to begin and this is a warning to customers, this make up is so good and full of colour you really only need a small amount to achieve colour, less is best, as you can always apply more. It was smooth to apply and was exactly what I wanted a plum shade to look like. At the end of the day I don't want to feel like I am wearing make up, I want as natural a look as possible but also darken it up as well. So once I had subdued my initial appilcation of blush for that just touched hint of colour and cheek bone acentuation, I decided I liked the colour enough to actually use it for my eyes (don't tell me I am the only one, make up must be able to serve multi purposes lol)
I was more than happy with the results, smooth and lasted my whole work day

   The Honey Foundation, naturally as I purchased a sample pot I needed to transfer the make up to another container to be able to use my mineral make up foundation brush probably, again as with the eye shadow and blush, the brushes pick up a lot of the colour, so it was best to dip and tap of the excess building the required coverage as a I went. But the results were fantastic for a natural soft even tone, I do think I choose a colour a little to light for my complexion so will be ordering again with a shade darker tone

   The Eye shadow and Blush is great and a little bit goes a long way so I believe it is real value for money. In fact I am testing this theory by wearing one colour everyday until I run out, I will post the results.

 Overall a fantastic product which when reading the proudct description on each listing is true to it word.
The other thing I love about this shop is they do not try to use beatiful models to sell their product. As we all know any product looks good on a beatiful model. The product itself is pictured, with a descriptions and some customer feedback. What you see is exactly what you get with no illusion.

The biggest test for any product is the return customer and my conclusion is I will be BUYING more

Look out for my review of their setting powders, bronzers and highlighters

This range would make a perfect gift with their Makeup Kits

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BDB said...

Great post on mineral products. I agree with you. I sale Mineral Hygienics but all of my customers already love the product to. When a new customer ask me about the product I give them my best advice but it is hard to trust a stranger , So i tell them to go to Mineral Hygienics site cause they have a 45 day money back policy. I can't do that( may be one of these day I will) but if I have any samples I love to give them out. I love happy customers. Keep up the good work!

BDB said...

Hi its me agine. I wanted to ask you if you have a list of reviews I love to refer your blog to any one who ask me on my blog.My blog is If you like to check it out. Well hope to hear from you

Nina Reweti said...

HI Christina
Thanks for you comments.
I have look at your blog it is great
I only have the one review at the moment. I will be doing more as I find more proudcts to review.
There are so many to choose from and so many reviews out there. But I hope to become known for honest reviews that will tell it like it is good or bad.
I have signed up to your newsletter but I couldn't find a spot to join you blog, but will add to my page

tanya said...

do you think the finish of the foundation was more matte or satin/radiant. and what would you describe your skintone to be? im trying to color match myself. lol

thank you!


Nina Reweti said...

HI Tanya
I think the finish was more satin matte, my skine tone is fair yellow tones. I other foundation brands I would wear a medium beige type colour in summer going bit lighter in winter with a honey or light beige. Although I don't like to heavy coverage. I like to have my foundation blend feel like i am not wearing any lol. Have you tried Madison Beauty other products? I suggest a sample pot very good value and you could get a couple, also you may find a blend of two colours will achieve your results, if you do not fit to one shade perfectly. I would love to know how you go.
Let me know if there are other products you have tried or would like me to test.
Thank you so much for you question. Please let us know how you go.