Teiwiata Reweti Artist
I really enjoy the developement of this artist... and the different styles that he produces.
Each piece is unique... follow this artist and see new and original work
Teiwiata also sells prints of his original drawings on Etsy... I understand that in the near future some of his ink and oil painting originals will be available as posters... can't wait!

I will keep adding Teiwiata's art work on this page, I am sure he would appreaciate any comments you may have

Dragon I have called this piece, yet unnamed by the artist himself.
I am loving the colour and fantasy feel of this painting but I think mostly I like the subtle patterns used

Watercolours & Ink
I think is the best so far...
Painted on three different canvas panels using ink and water colour.
There is a power felt with this painting, it leaves me wanting more...

Prints for Sale
Reprints available for Sale

 Past Works
"Sold" Oil Painting

Oil Painting - untitled
"Sold" Oil Painting

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