Sunday, 29 January 2012


 Product Review - "My honest opinion about products for sale online"

When I saw the "MADISON STREET BEAUTY" range I was to say the least skeptical...But never the less I needed some cosmetics and so I went forth to test the waters...
 I decided on the 3 Eyeshadow Samples for $6.99 (picture on right hand sided above top: Apricot, middle: Golden Peach bottom: California Sun) reasonable price to pay for 3 samples, and I could live with the loss if I didn't like it, I also purchases a sample of Plum Blush (pictured above bottom middle) colour and Honey Foundation (pictured above bottom left) both $4.99, and so I waited.... for delivery.... which was quicker than I thought and therefore a great surprise when it arrived YIPPEE!!!

My Total Opinion
  • Colour:-  Vibrant and true to picture and description in shop
  • Value for money:- a small amount goes a long way, each pot would last a long while
  • Application:- Easy to apply, smooth with no bits, clumps or lumps. Has a soft silky texture.
  • Wear:- Lasts at least 5 hours with a small touch up to last all day, not using a setting powder

I really enjoy the developement of this artist and the different styles that he produces.
Each piece is unique... follow this artist and see new and original work on my artist page

This is my favourite piece to date, created with ink and water colours... I will be watching the progression of this paiting with interest, as the painting progress's I will post updates until we reach the final painting.

This Weeks Wardrobe inspired by Parehuia an up and coming designer of upcycled clothing from "Jealousy Co"

How do you wear your demin?

All the celebs can be found in Denim, but don't be mistaken it is not just a summer thing... just add some thigh high socks, sweater, hat and scarf you have a swag winter look too!

Winter Look Denim Cut Offs

 These cut off hand made by Parehuia, Jealousy Co high waisted wit low pockets and distressed detailing from the House of Teiwiata.

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Thats the tops and shorts taken care off... to really liven up your winter look you need to complete your outfits...
Grace and Lace Co have the greatest boot socks and leg warmers for those cold days. Only a selection has been shown here, many colours available at shop and on request.

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You can't venture outside in winter without a Hat and Scarf here is a collection that can be adorned on any chilly day with any outfit

The Oversized Wool Scarf offers multiple ways to wear shown here in Navy, along with the Vanilla Chunky Wool Cowl will certainly keep you warm, as will the Newsboy Wool Cap also available in a variety of colours brought to you from Swak Courture

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Look out next week for your Summber Denim Wardrobe...

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