Saturday, 21 April 2012

Google+ Teiwiata Reweti Short Story

Found this short story... Love as all parents will

 A gentle silence , a relieving silence fell upon the small village [our house] as proof that the evil giant [my son] was brought down by the hansome and noble Prince Daniel of Ipswich [me] and it was with gusto and pride that he retold the tale of his mighty achievement to the most joyful of villagers [you guys] , and it was with amazement and awe that they learned that the mighty and grand Prince Daniel of Ipswich had brought down the horrible and terrifing and really really scarey giant , Not with martial arts or sword or even a BFG , But a secret concoction he had made [milk] , for the grand an noble Prince Daniel of Ipswich merely waited for the evil and ADHD giant to tier and as the horrible and menacing giant blinked slowly once and then twice and then thrice it was inbetween the twice and thrice that the bottle filled with a concoction he had made from a cunning secret recipe that had been handed down his ancestral lines [wife] , that he [me] aka the hansome and dashing Prince Daniel of Ipswich with an almighty singular blow , thrust the bottle of milk i mean secret concoction handed down didadidada into the mouth of the unsuspecting evil and scarey giant .
The poor but evil and deadly giant stood no chance , as it began to swagger first left then right then forwards and then slightly to the front left and almost left again but not quite but there was a definite right but then................................................slowly but surely it began to fall back , Then with an almighty crash it fell very very hard backwards and slightly to its right side where it came to rest and is now known as mount paininmyass , and the Prince and his shadow lived happily ever after [got about 2hours :-)] .

PS . the images below are proof that evil horrible giants do exit.
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April 19, 2012 (8 photos)

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