Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Coming Soon Product Research

I have been away for awhile, sickness in the family and all that jazz. But over the past week or so have need to replenish my stock of shorts....
So I have created the following some are finished and some are works in progress but I would love some feedback...
the photos suck, I know and I am working on getting together some models and better photos before these are posted for sale...

Mulit Dyed with hand sewn Ribbion attached to waitband

Hand Distressed, dyed yellow

Dyed Pink, Silver stitching with hand sewn silver sequins front & back

Hand distressed Yellow dyed shorts

White Washed hand distressed denim shorts

Hand distressed, dyed Light Yellow

Mulit colouring dye with hand sewn crochet attached, hand distressed

Hand distressed with hand sewn floral fabric panel

Hand distressed, red dyed

Yellow dyed with muslin leg distressing

White washed, hand distressed with 70s retro fabric hand sewn panel

What do you think?

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